Strategic direction is given by the Board, which meets 4 times a year. The Board’s work programme is facilitated by the Executive Committee - composed of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the Treasurer.  The General Assembly, composed of all the Association’s Effective and Associate Members, meets twice yearly.

The ECA is supported by a Brussels-based Secretariat, which assists in the aims of researching and implementing adequate solutions to any matter affecting the industry. The ECA secretariat has a limited staff but relies on its members' expertise. Technical issues are dealt with by specific Working Groups & Taskforces.

The Board and the Executive Committee members are elected every 2 years. The Board is currently composed of 12 members: 6 converters, 3 traders and 3 logistics members. The chairmanship is based on 2-year rotation periods. The Executive Committee is composed of 1 member of each category (Processor, Trader, Logistics).

ECA’s strategic direction is discussed and developed by the ECA Board, in conjunction with the Secretary General. Board proposals in respect to budgets, admission or exclusion of members and Directors are submitted for approval to the General Members Meeting (GMM).

The ECA Bylaws are available for consultation here. 

Organising structure

ECA Executive Committee

ECA Board of Directors


The ECA Secretariat

Catherine Entzminger was appointed ECA’s General Secretary in August 2015. Prior to that, she served for 5 years as the association’s EU Affairs Manager. Before joining the ECA, she held positions at the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, and the European Association of Chambers of Commerce.




Antonia Hosten is the ECA Office Administrator. Antonia joined the ECA shortly after graduating and holds a Master degree in European Studies, with a focus on the dimensions and means of European policies.





Maria Suman is the EU Affairs Officer for Trade policy and Sustainability. Graduated in Political Sciences and European Affairs, Maria has previously worked in  trade policy in the field of energy within a European Association, as well as with agricultural policy and foodstuffs over the past years working in the Brussels area.




Julia Manetsberger is the ECA’s EU Affairs Officer for Food Safety. Initially trained as a chemist, Julia obtained her PhD in Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge, studying properties of microbial food contaminants. Before joining ECA, Julia worked as a Postdoctoral researcher at the KU Leuven investigating molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases.