Clearly recognising its role as a link in a broad cocoa and chocolate industry chain, ECA is also intent on maintaining a close rapport with the upstream and downstream participants in the chain, primarily through their respective trade associations.
It does so primarily through its activities and working groups, representative role and communications.

To assist the occasional reader, or the non-industry specialist, appropriate links to other websites, which may more specifically address your needs, are included here below.

Cocoa and Chocolate Organisations:

  • The FCC (Federation of Cocoa Commerce Ltd, London - and the ECA will keep working closely with all parties that have an interest in the long term development and protection of the cocoa market and those that work within it, notably on issues of sustainability and on the socio-economic conditions of cocoa producers. The FCC Secretariat is also engaged in the Joint Working Group on Quality & Productivity, and in the Joint Research Fund.
  • CAOBISCO (Association of the Chocolate, Biscuit & Confectionery Industries of the EU and ECA, in their complementary role, have joint working groups. They also fund common cocoa research.
  • The International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO - and ECA work closely together on issues concerning both the industry and cocoa producing countries. ECA is a member of the ICCO Consultative Board, which brings together experts from the public and private sectors from both the exporting and importing countries.
  • The International Cocoa Initiative, a Swiss foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland, is also a key partner for any topic related to labour conditions.
  • The WCF (World Cocoa Federation)
  • ICA, the National Confectioners Association representing the US confectionery industry.
  • The CMAA (Cocoa Merchants' Association of America) 
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Cocoa Terminology

Cocoa powder

The finely ground particles obtained from the mechanical disintegration of cocoa press cake.

Expeller cocoa press cake

Cocoa beans or cocoa dust or both with or without cocoa nib, cocoa mass, cocoa press cake, fat-reduced cocoa press cake or any combination of two or more thereof which has been converted by the expeller process to a solid compressed mass.

Cocoa press cake

Cocoa nib or cocoa mass converted by pressure by a mechanical process to a solid compressed mass.

Cocoa mass (also called Cocoa liquor)

Cocoa nib, mechanically processed to a paste, which retains the natural fat content of cocoa nib.

Cocoa nib

The cotyledon of roasted or unroasted cocoa beans containing a residue of shell or germ not exceeding 5 per cent calculated on the dry defatted matter and an ash content not exceeding 10 per cent calculated on the dry defatted matter.


"Sound" when applicable to cocoa products shall mean full and undamaged cartons and/or packages.